What kind of world would we live in if we started all over again with all the knowledge, skills, experiences, dreams and social challenges of today? If, with all this in mind, we would draw on a new society together with doers, thinkers, developers, and changers. What do you see arise?

Creabitat Cooperative believes in the development of physically fantastic places, where you want to be. We envision areas where people pioneer, do business, explore and build a place with something for everyone. They are all habitats where borders do not exist, people live together and strive for happiness; always with attention to each other.

They live, work and reside in areas where care seamlessly transitions into work, or where food production serves the purpose of meaning and attention is paid to sustainable mobility and energy supply. It's something of all of us there.

Although such a place, large or small, looks like an impossible dream, today there are already examples of mini-societies moving towards this. In more and more villages, cities and neighborhoods a lot is shared, property matters less and people look at each other. Eco-neighborhoods, cooperative farms, tiny houses, neighborhood care, car sharing platforms and energy cooperatives, among others, demonstrate the added value of these types of small-scale initiatives. What strikes us is that they often arise from one social issue, and grow into other systems with social benefits and happier people as the greatest good.

Cooperative Creabitat

  • creates fantastic livable places where you want to be; where you can live, work, care, relax, get together, cook, eat, learn, in live together.
  • creates fertile seedbeds where initiatives take root, flourish and can develop.
  • stimulates the movement to places for participants and participants where it is all about together and people as a 'social animal' come first.
  • puts the collective interest first, but with attention to individual well-being.
  • is inspired by numerous bottom-up bottom-up initiatives.
  • focuses on the human dimension and ideally operates at village or neighborhood level around new construction or redevelopment projects.
  • is convinced that the human measure yields social and societal profit, the real profit.
  • creates places with facilities for everyone, but every individual is free to use them.
  • has community builders on board and collaborates with a range of other professional partners.

Create with Creabitat

Do you also see something in the creation of fantastic physical places? Are you an (self-employed) entrepreneur, advisor or project developer? Do you work for an organization that wants to share its expertise? Or do you know a place that has the potential to grow into a fantastic place? Then link up with the founders of Cooperative Creabitat.